Down The Rabbit Hole

Luana Maso
April 28, 2017

Prodotto da Jared Anderson.
© 2017 Leanne Meyers Productions.

Dicono di Down The Rabbit Hole

…questo è un album ben costruito, scritto ed eseguito. Sette canzoni non erano abbastanza.

“Is it something the average American listener can get into and appreciate? Absolutely.
Luana’s voice is close to Joan Osborne, Jewel, or Sarah McLachlan – yet, because she lived a different life her Euro-melodic touches enhance and embolden her musical approach. It’s fresh, dynamic and timed well for any aspiring female vocalists who dare to listen.
Luana possesses a wiser than her years vocal, colorful and inspiring, with moments of brilliance similar to Alison Krauss’ young vocals at the onset of her career. Her lyrics are poignant and clever.

She has moments of extraordinary effort on her all-English collection, and her consistency of quality is evident in these songs.
If nothing else, this is one beautifully constructed, written and performed album. Seven songs were just not enough.

She’s an Italian artist – so what? She sings in English better than most artists on the chart and she has Nashville’s blessing. Luana has style. Maybe she can teach the rest of those great artists how to take their God-given talent and sharpen it with inventive melodies and thought-provoking lyrics instead of age-old rehashes of tight shredded blue jeans, sweat-stained bandanas, beer for their horses, rusty pickups and heads in toilets.
Now that would be refreshing.”

– John Apice

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