And here another contrast arises: that of the opposing opinions of the scientists of the voice. But the singer must dispense with analytical ruminations and apply the opinion that is born from the living experience of singing and from the urgency of problems that sometimes arise unexpectedly on stage, in the full development of stage […]

The term “vocal hygiene” refers to the things you can do to keep your voice healthy and in good shape. Here are my tips to maintain a good voice! DON’Ts – 10 bad habits and things to avoid Don’t eat too many fats and acidic foods because they can cause acid reflux. Don’t go to bed […]

Preparation is crucial! Put yourself in a position to be lucky. So that when the opportunity comes, you’ll be ready to be the best singer you can be! Preparation means doing your vocal warm-ups, working on vocal technique and songs with a teacher, practicing with exercises and rehearsing until you no longer need to think […]

Let’s talk about breathing for singing. They told you that the key to good singing is learning to breathe properly. Maybe you’ve already spent some time doing breathing exercises on your own or with a teacher. They told you to “sing from the diaphragm”, “push the belly out”, and then “pull the belly in”. They […]