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Online Singing Lessons, Vocal Technique and Vocal Coaching

Vocal training for singers, songwriters, actors, voice-over artists and public speakers of all levels and styles

You’ve heard it all, you’ve tried it all, but you still struggle with those high notes. You keep running out of breath, maybe your voice cracks and feels weak. I’ve been there, and I can help. Singing should be easy! It’s not supposed to hurt, and you really don’t need to think about a million things while you do it! Free your voice, let me guide you.

The method

Over the years I found that vocal training works best when it isn’t characterized by a standard approach that is one and the same for every student. Because no two students are the same and no two voices are the same. Voices aren’t even the same from one day to the next! That’s why I always put the student and his or her goals at the center of the lesson, and I customize the training for the voice I have in front of me at that moment.

What I teach is based on the 17th and 18th Century principles of the Old Italian School of Singing, also known as the principles of Bel Canto (beautiful singing). Don’t confuse the term Bel Canto with opera. Bel Canto refers to a healthy singing technique characterized by a natural, efficient and expressive vocal production in any style or genre of music. …Continue reading

Vocal Technique

One-on-one voice lessons with a customised approach to develop your voice, from ear training, to specific exercises that will help you achieve a balanced coordination, and application of technique to songs.

For singers and professional voice users.

Vocal Coaching

One-on-one singing lessons to get you ready for the stage! The focus is on interpretation and style, building a repertoire of songs and preparation for a performance/audition.

For singers and performers.


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