Free Your Voice. Express Your Authentic Self.

Hi, I’m Luana.

I’ll help you develop a free and versatile voice and express yourself authentically in any style.

My approach is based on Cross-Training, which means that the voice is simultaneously being trained in both classical (Belcanto) and contemporary styles (Mix/Belt) in order to acquire maximum flexibility and strength, and prepare the singer for whichever career path they decide to pursue.

Anyone can learn to sing, but many people struggle with unnecessary tension preventing them from using their voice freely, and resulting in issues like limited range, power, dynamics, agility, and recurrent fatigue.

My goal is to help you get rid of unnecessary tension and condition your voice to work more efficiently and expressively, so you can sing in any style and range with freedom and confidence.

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How I can help you

Vocal Technique – Functional Voice Training

One-on-one vocal training with a customized approach to develop your voice and create a foundation for healthy speaking and singing. From ear training, to specific exercises that will help you achieve a balanced coordination, and application of technique to songs.

Vocal Coaching

To get you ready for the stage! The focus is on interpretation and style, building a repertoire of songs, mic technique, and preparation for a performance/audition.

Vocal Cross-Training

For classical singers who want to learn to belt and sing contemporary styles.
For contemporary singers who want to sing legit styles.

English and Italian for Singers

To help you with English and Italian pronunciation, analysis and comprehension of lyrics, original lyrics revision.

Singing Workshops and Masterclasses

To learn about mixing and belting in a group setting. Join as a singer or observer.

From the blog

What my clients are saying

“If anyone out there is looking for a proper top quality singing teacher, I strongly recommend Luana. Her ear and undivided attention is incredible. She has the knack of identifying my faults and fixing them, often on the spot to my amazement. She is a lovely caring teacher who really knows her stuff.”


Colin Bell

“Luana is a very attentive, friendly and experienced teacher. She is extraordinarily inventive/imaginative when it comes to finding solutions to problems you might have. In my opinion, improvement is guaranteed after a few lessons.”​


Birgit Häde

“Luana is a great teacher. She’s always put me at ease and helped me improve my skills with patience and without pressure, achieving good results in a short time.”


Lucia Botteon