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Luana is a teacher with unique musical empathy, she is able to make you improve in a short time, thanks to her attention to the vocal sound and problem solving. She is also a talented singer-songwriter, therefore sensitive in helping the student interpret their own songs. I am motivated to study also because of her new and effective method!

Ileana Rinaldi
Abbiategrasso, Italy

I have been doing online vocal classes with Luana twice per week for a couple of months now. I can happily say that I made a lot of progress already. I really like her way of teaching, I think it’s very effective. Her attention to detail is great and she knows how to fix every small problem in the voice. I can sing some songs now which before I never imagined I’d be able to sing. And I am definitely going to continue having classes with her, because I am convinced that I can become a professional singer with her mentoring.
I recommend anyone who wants to be great at singing to take lessons with Luana.

Chris Faubel
Den Haag, The Netherlands

I had my first singing lesson with Luana and I was surprised by how much you can improve within just one hour! Although I was very nervous and insecure before the lesson started, Luana managed to make me feel comfortable with her warm and cheerful character. I would definitely recommend Luana to everyone who is interested in taking singing lessons! 🙂

Jona Kunert
Enschede, The Netherlands

Luana is a very kind and talented person! She made me feel very comfortable and able to get out of my comfort zone since it is really hard for me to sing in front of other people.
Her exercises helped me a lot and I am looking forward to my next class!

Johanna Thommai
Enschede, The Netherlands

The lesson with Luana was great! She is very friendly, easy-going and really makes you feel comfortable. She taught and practised some exercises with me to help engage more of my chest voice in my higher range (Low Bass). She was keen on explaining me the details of what we were doing when I asked for it. All in all, it was a splendid lesson and I’d recommend everyone to give it a try!

Simon Agterhuis
Enschede, The Netherlands
Frankie Guno Luana Maso

A few years ago I had some singing lessons. I have to say, one lesson from Luana has taught me a great deal more, and it was only one hour!! The lesson felt natural like it was with a friend, but at the same time professional. Definitely a recommendation.

Franklin Guno
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jessica Kimmich Luana Maso

The lesson with Luana was really great. So helpful and showed me what I have to work on. And Luana is sooo nice and friendly and really motivates me. I am so happy and will take more lessons soon.

Jessica Kimmich
Quakenbrück, Germany
Triparna Mukherjee Luana Maso

Loved my first lesson with the very talented Luana. Even though I am trained in Indian classical music, I was amazed by how she truly understood and addressed my individual problems. She will make sure you achieve a lot within a one hour window. Really inspired to take future lessons!

Triparna Mukherjee
London, United Kingdom
Tyana Bullocks Luana Maso

I was happy to work with Luana! She pushed me to do my best and was very honest with the improvements I needed to strengthen my voice. I am excited for my singing journey in the coming months!

Tyana Bullocks
New York, United States
Tosh Jordan Luana Maso

I really loved your vocal training. You made me feel comfortable and relaxed. And within an hour I’ve learned so much from you. I will definitely take more classes! Thank you so much!

Tosh Jordan
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Christier Flores Luana Maso

I’m very glad that I was able to come across such a very talented person like Luana. Even in the short span of time, I’ve learned so much and it’s something that I’ll keep inside my heart, really, thank you. It helped me so much as an aspiring singer and it inspired me as a person.

Christier Flores
Manila, Philippines
Danielle Truesdale Luana Maso

Love learning to sing with Luana, she helped me use my voice in different ways and really makes time for her clients. Thank you Luana!!

Danielle Truesdale
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Alessia Toffoli Luana Maso

It was an uplifting experience, I received many useful tips that made me improve. Luana is also very kind, attentive and explains clearly.

Alessia Toffoli
Vittorio Veneto, Italy

Luana is a great teacher. She’s always put me at ease and helped me improve my skills with patience and without pressure, achieving good results in a short time.

Lucia Botteon
Vittorio Veneto, Italy